Defensive Dobermans

Working & Family Dobermans

Defensive : intended to defend or protect. synonyms: defending, protective, watchful.
Welcome To The Home Of Defensive Dobermans

We are dedicated to producing healthy Dobermans with sound temperaments, correct builds, capable of good physical and mental stamina with trainable and steady characters. We participate in Schutzhund, AKC & UKC Obedience and Conformation. All of our Dobermans are fully health tested and are either Titled or working on a Title, as we believe that health testing and Titling is the best way to validate the type of temperament and working abilities of the Dobermans that we breed and raise.

We are currently working with a couple of our dogs training/titling in Schutzhund, AKC Obedience and AKC/UKC Conformation. We have plans to show in Agility, Rally and UKC Nose-work in the future. The dogs love to work and its fun for us to train and compete with them building a stronger bond everyday. We encourage all of our puppy owners to participate in obedience classes so that you will enjoy your dogs to the fullest. Obedience classes not only make dogs easier to live with and better behaved but are also a strong bonding experience. We enjoy keeping in contact with all our puppies new owners. We enjoy knowing that each one of our puppies has the best life with a purpose and place as a member of the family.

We have a litter of puppies!